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Why You Must Use a Yoga Mat to Practice Yoga

Ⅰ. Why do you need to use a yoga mat to practice yoga?

Many members and customers have asked, why do you have to use a yoga mat to practice yoga? Can I just use a blanket or a kid's climbing mat? All I can say is that you don't know yoga too much, you don't know your body too well.

Each product has its own purpose. If you do spinal protection, will you feel pain? If you use climbing mats, the climbing mats are usually pieced together. When you do the movements, these climbing mats will be separated again. Do you have to put them together again? Are you still in the mood to practice your yoga at this time?

The role of the yoga mat is not only for non-slip, but also for a certain degree of protection. When you are doing some knee-to-the-ground movements, if the mat is too thin, the knees will have a strong and ground contact. For example, when we are doing tiger pose, only one hand and one leg are on the ground, and the rest have to be lifted to maintain balance. If you do this, you will really know what your yoga mat has brought you. And you will also have higher requirements for your yoga mat material, the thickness should be enough, the anti-slip should be strong, and the sweat absorption should be better, which is why many yoga lovers are constantly looking for their own yoga mat.

A TPE yoga mat is not only a tool, it is also a protective tool for the body, which keeps you from injury, better protects your spine, knees and other joints, and also allows you to get a healthier body. The yoga towel can be used as an auxiliary tool. It can be used on the yoga mat to increase the length, and it can be used to put it on the body during resting to prevent catching a cold.

Ⅱ. The harm of public yoga mats

There are various materials, sizes, colors and designs of yoga mats on the Internet, but you still don't know which one to buy? So I simply didn't buy it and used the public yoga mat in the yoga studio.

In fact, this is just a simple reason. The real reason is: I am too lazy to run back and forth with a heavy yoga mat. Sometimes I have to take it for a class every two days. This is the reason why most of the public mats are used. So what harm will public yoga mats bring to everyone?

1. Unpleasant smell

We don't wear socks when we practice yoga, and some students have no way to wash their feet after a day of running or a day of class.

So standing on the yoga mat at this time, the dirt or smell on the feet is directly adsorbed on the mat, and it will be kept on the yoga mat for a long time. Seriously affect the indoor air quality.

2. Bacteria spread

Common use of mats can lead to the spread of bacteria. Some people have fungus on their feet, and they will be infected directly through contact. If they are just lazy, it will not be worth the loss. You may be unknowingly suffering from a skin disease, but you still don't know what the problem is.

3. Affect breathing

When we practice yoga, we usually need to cooperate with breathing, inhale fresh air and exhale the exhaust gas from the body, so when the air circulation is not good and the yoga mat emits an unpleasant smell, do you feel that only Want to hold your breath?

Do some people say that yoga studios will not be regularly nursed and disinfected? What I'm telling you is that very few yoga studios do this because it takes time and it takes a certain amount of space and time after each yoga mat cleaning, so it's hard to do.

It is recommended to bring your own yoga mat. For your health, don't be afraid of trouble. If it is really far away and you don’t want to bring it, we can bring our own yoga towel, which can also be placed on the yoga mat.

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