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EVA Foam Playmat Tiles
IFoaming is one of the leading EVA foam mat manufacturers in China who is good at making premium quality foam puzzle mats for your flooring. Every foam mat we produce is the proof of customers' trust for us, which is highly valued by our company. Choosing iFoaming as your target China eva mat suppliers will only be a right decision, it is also a start for us to set up a long-term partnership which will only bring win-win cooperation.
For the Shapes, We Have:
  • Square
  • Triangle
  • Rectangle
  • Hexagon
  • Circle
For the Cutting Designs, We Have:
  • Dog
  • Cat
  • Monkey
  • Lion
  • Tiger
For the Colors, We Have:
  • Red
  • Pink
  • Yellow
  • Blue
  • Green
For the Thickness, We Have:
  • 10mm
  • 20mm
  • 30mm
  • 40mm
For the Package, We Have:
  • Packing
  • Bagging
More ideas from your request? Provide us your file pls
About iFoaming

iFoaming is a professional Foam Playmats manufacturer which was established in 2014, located in Huizhou city, Guangdong Province. With advanced 10pcs 1,300T series of foaming machine,2pcs slicing machine, 3pcs 80T cutting machine, 40,000sqm factory and 6 years well trained - workers, we are making premium quality foam mat tiles, which is non-smell, non-toxic, bold colors, smooth surface, high density, for our customers from all over the world at a competitive cost.

One of our key principles is to provide our customer foam play mat tiles with high safety standards. We have all our mat foam tiles passed EN71(1-3), REACH, ASTM F963-11 Standards, CPSIA, US California Proposition65, Formamide 200PPM, BPA, PAHs. All our attention on safety material provides moms and babies with a safe and healthy playground.

  • 200,000pcs

    we could produce 200,000pcs of foam mat per day

  • 40,000m2

     we have our factory over 40,000sqm

  • 800+

    we have over 800 customers groups

  • 180+

    we have our 6 years trained workers over 180 people

  • 1%

    we are controlling our rejection rate within 1%

Why Choose Us
Our Advantages:

Well controlled rejection rate under our normal behaviors. All our foam mat pieces is non-toxic, non smell, good density, smooth surface, non holes, and bold colors.

Well equipped machines with large number of machines enable us finish our customer's order in a very short time.

We have our 5 senior designers providing customers OEM designs with OEM package solutions. We know how to think from the customer's side and provide the personalized foam play mat tiles that market welcome.

There are more and more new starters who wants to try this custom eva foam playmat by its own design, we will help them start quite few numbers to try by saving their money at most. No business is small, no problem is big.

We have our well cooperated photography studio and all the new items, which need high resolution professional pics, would be provided with photography service.

Production Capability
All our foaming machines are 1,300T series with 7 layers, which could make the mat foam tiles in very well density and could control the holes on the foam mat pieces in quite a good condition. All our cutting machine is 80T series, which enable us to cut the foam mat on very clean sides and leave no Trimmings on the eva foam mats edges. These well-equipped machines allow us to make premium quality of the foam play mat tiles; With 10pcs of foaming machines + 3pcs of cutting machines, we could make 200,000pcs of play mat floor foam tiles per day, which gives us a quite strong production capacity. We have our two large warehouses, totally could store goods at 8,000cubic meter, which is 120pcs x40HQ.
Quality Control
To better control our production play foam mats quality, we usually have the following steps to ensure we are keeping the rejection rate within 1%:
> Test the raw material before mass production
> Check the color ,thickness and surface condition during production
> Test Before Mass Production Slicing
> QA for all the 100% custom foam mats before packaging
We usually have the following types of package for our mats:
>shrinkwrap film package
>pvc carrying bag package
>canvas bag package
>individual box package
>master carton + pallet package
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