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What Are the Methods of Choosing EVA Children's Interlocking Floor Mats of High-quality?

The crawling mat is the baby's first good partner to start exploring the world, so how to choose a safe and comfortable crawling mat is a problem that many mothers consider. Traditional crawling products are generally blankets and bedding, but these products have many disadvantages, such as heavy, difficult to carry, easy to dirty, difficult to clean, and easy to get wet. IFOAMING will provide you with some ways to choose high-quality EVA splicing crawling mats for your baby.

1. Compare the price of children's interlocking floor mats

As the saying goes, "good goods are not cheap". There is no quality guarantee for things produced by small workshops. In order to pursue profits, they use recycled materials and so on. The cost is extremely low. When they are sold in the market, the price is much lower than that of formal enterprises. Since its establishment, IFOAMING has been committed to the development and production of high-quality and safe children's floor mats. It has a large factory of over 40,000 square meters and has obtained industry safety certificates. We are a professional high-quality supplier of children's interlocking floor mats, and you are welcome to consult us.

2. Smell the children's interlocking floor mats

Open the package and smell it. If there is a pungent "ammonia smell", this kind of custom foam play mat is made of low-grade EVA material and must not be purchased. If the smell you smell is a faint burnt smell, it doesn't matter, because EVA materials are produced through high temperature, so EVA materials will inevitably burn. For this kind of smell, after opening the package, scrub it with clean water and dry it in a ventilated place for a few days before giving it to your baby.

3. Check the number of holes in the children's interlocking floor mats

High-quality EVA floor mats have a relatively small number of holes and a relatively small size; while low-quality floor mats have a large number of holes and a relatively large size, which cannot be purchased.

4. Check the elasticity of children's interlocking floor mats

You can press the crawling mat by hand when purchasing. A good-quality crawling mat will quickly return to its original shape when pressed down by hand, while a poor-quality crawling mat will take a while to recover or not at all.

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