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Foam Exercise Mat

Foam Exercise Mat

24 years experience in exercise mats manufacturing (established in 1997). Patents & certificates: meet ISO20957 standard, over 40 patents (Utility Model Patents & Appearance Design Patents). All products are self-designed to provide a professional movement angle, which is acknowledged by many professional trainers. Made of sustainable natural rubber, it's good for your body and the environment. Produced with sustainable material that won't damage the environment so it fits your eco-friendly values. Come out on top in terms of the versatility they offer.

Types of Foam Excercise Mat Wholesale

Gym Workout Thick EVA Foam Mat
Gym Workout Thick EVA Foam Mat
This high-density exercise mat tiles are great for garages, gyms, home fitness rooms to protect floors and reduce noise, creating a safe and comfortable workout space.
Anti-fatigue Gym EVA Foam Mat
Anti-fatigue Gym EVA Foam Mat
This EVA rubber foam mat is a single large piece of anti-fatigue grip mat and and it's easy to roll up for storage. The soft yet resilient foam padding is easy to clean and its lightweight helps reduce noise and vibrations.
Eco-friendly TPE Yoga Mat
Eco-friendly TPE Yoga Mat
Our TPE workout foam tiles is made of non-toxic, odorless and harmless TPE material, which is friendly to the body and the environment, and is highly recommended by yoga lovers.
Interlocking Gym EVA Foam Mat
Interlocking Gym EVA Foam Mat
The premium puzzle gym mats, including edge pieces for easy installation, could protect your floor from scratches, knocks, dents, cold, noise, sweat, etc.
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Frequently Asked Questions Of Exercise Mats

  • Do u have other textures for the exercise mat which is more non slippery?

    Yes, apart from the leaf texture, cross texture, and diamond texture, we are having another 20 different textures for your choice. Here at iFoaming, u could always get the most professional solutions for the foam playmats.

  • What's the benefits of using an exercise mat?

    Exercise mat is absolutely a must-have for your daily exercise. It provides u not only a flooring protector, but a safty warrenty for your jumping and practicing. It is light weight which is easy to move , but easy to cut into any shape to fit your different sized fitness room.

  • Does the exercise mat comes with smell or non toxic?

    Our exercise mat is non toxic, and it is with a faint of plastic smell when u open the package, which is caused by its plastic material reason. But just few seconds, the smell would gone and it would not influence your use.

  • Does EVA foam floor tiles suitable for the gym room use?

    absorvation for the heavy gym equipments like lifts, it is also providing an excellent cushion and helping to release the stress on body's joints to u. It comes with thick material and provides u a quite firm, anti slippery and durable flooring solution.

  • How to clean foam exercise mats?

    Just wash the exercise mat by water simply. Our exercise mat is waterproof, so it is quite easy to clean the surface.

  • Do u provide OEM size for the exercise mat?

    Usually, we are providing 30cmx30cm, 40cmx40cm, 50cmx50cm, 60cmx60cm mats for the standard use. But we are ok to make other specific OEM size like 80cmx80cm or 70cmx70cm. Just let us know your requirements.

  • Does the exercise the thicker the better?

    No, this depends on the exercise u will do. For normal exercise, we think 10mm or 12mm would be good enough, as it is providing u a good flooring feeling while providing u with a safe caution.

Exercise Mat vs Yoga Mat

To keep fitness, doing exercise is quite an important part of our daily life and we spend hours every day to stay healthy either by yoga or another exercise with equipment. Choosing the right foam workout mat or yoga mat would be quite important accordingly in order to practice your exercises properly. Some people may not know what's the difference between a yoga mat and an exercise foam mat. Let's introduce it to u.

A yoga mat, mainly for yoga exercise use, is designed and made in thinner but more durable material, which is suitable for low-impact exercises. Yoga enthusiasts are able to feel the ground without feeling any pain because of the durable and soft eva mat material we used for our thin yoga mat. There are a variety of materials to choose from for a yoga mat in the market, like PVC, NBR, natural rubber, EVA, TPE, rubber, etc. PVC material is in lower cost but with smell; NBR material is in a higher price than PV, but not that resistant, also usually made in bigger thickness, which may not good at feeling the ground when exercise; Natural rubber is super resistant and quite thin, 3mm or 4mm, but is with rubber smell and in high cost; EVA material for a yoga mat is not with smell, but not that tear-resistant; TPE material is nonsmell, quite durable, the cost is in the middle of PVC and natural rubber. 

Exercise mats, however, are usually made of thicker material from 10mm - 40mm, for those people who do not want to feel the floor, provides they caution on the ground. The workout foam pad is widely used in the fitness room, gym room for general exercises, which absorbs shocks from falling, jumping, etc. Most importantly, it provides a safe ground for exercisers when they are practicing and prevent them from being injured. The foam exercise floor mats are with different textures on the surface, different thicknesses, and colors for the market's demand.

The main difference between a yoga mat and an exercise mat is its thickness and material, U just need to choose the right material for your proper practice. Or u could contact us if u have more inquires if u have any questions on them.

Why an Exercise Mat Is a Must-Have For Your Fitness?

Exercise and fitness are gradually becoming be an indispensable part of our daily life to keep our health or staying physically fit. The eva foam playmat for workout is giving u the foundation for all your possible exercises, no matter indoor or outdoor, and it is becoming a must-have for your fitness room now. A thick workout mat could be used for different practices and postures to make u get comfortable fitness. It would be a quiet suffer for your fitness if the foam workout mat tiles thickness is wrong, the material is not good, as the thick exercise mat is a part of the fitness room. Thick gym fitness foam mats protect your knees and angels when u practice, also protecting your flooring from being damaged by the lifts or dumbbell. The high quality exercise mat absorbs impacts and makes your high-density training much easier and eases your joints. It is also lightweight, portable, easy to store, and clean, waterproof, which is a must-have for your exercise.

What Should You Consider While Choosing Best Exercise Mats

Exercise is an important part of life and the best way to keep healthy. U can have your exercise in any place at any time with a proper exercise mat instead of going to the gym room only. So there are a few factors u need to consider when u want to start your exercise with mats.

  • Material: our foam exercise floor mats are made of EVA foam material, which is shock-absorbing, soft, durable, and waterproof, which provides u with quite safe flooring when u practice. Also, we could make our high quality exercise mat with various textures for your choice to make sure the fitness foam mats u will work on is nonslip and unique. We are making our exercise mat in medium hardness to make sure u would not be injured when falling but still provides u a natural flooring feeling when u stand.

  • Thickness: our normal exercise mat is usually 10mm or 12mm thick, which is good enough for general stretch exercises. But we could increase it to 14mm, 20mm, 25mm, or 30mm if u are doing some heavy-equipments exercises.

  • Covering Area: U firstly need to work out the area u need to cover and then choose the correct sized exercise mat. Normally we have 31cmx31cm, 40cmx40cm, 50cmx50cm, 60cmx60cm, 1mx1m, u need to choose the best size for your fitness, or combine our different sized mat for your room.


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