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Tips for Using Taekwondo EVA Tiles

Taekwondo EVA tiles are a kind of Taekwondo products that need to be used for a long time, so the correct maintenance method of floor mats can effectively prolong the service life of floor mats, reduce costs and save expenses for gymnasiums.

Ⅰ. Precautions for using the taekwondo EVA tiles

1. EVA floor mat is a special plastic product, and the new one has a certain taste before use. In order not to affect the students, it is best to leave the floor mats for a period of time before using them in the gym.

You can also open the windows to ventilate often after they are installed, so that the smell can be dissipated as soon as possible and reduce the odor. After a period of use, the plastic smell will disappear naturally.

2. If the floor mat is laid on the cement floor, it is best to lay a layer of plastic film on the cement floor before laying the EVA tiles and then lay the floor mat. It can not only prevent the moisture on the ground from damaging the EVA floor mat, but also keep the lower floor mat clean.

3. In order to maintain the elasticity and cleanliness of the floor mat, you must take off your shoes when entering the floor mat or put on special taekwondo shoes in the gym. Do not wear leather shoes and shoes that are worn outdoors and step on EVA tiles directly.

4. Do not poke EVA tiles with hard or sharp objects to avoid damage.

5. When laying EVA tiles, it should be laid from the inner wall to the outside. When the room type of the venue is irregular, it can ensure that the pads in the venue are laid tightly.

6. When splicing EVA tiles, the gaps must be tightly spliced to avoid sprains and strains caused by the toes embedded in the gaps during training.

7. The floor mat can also be used to wrap the wall pillars in the field, and the outside is wrapped with colored leather, which can not only beautify the wall pillars but also prevent bumps.

8. Mop and wash the EVA tiles with clean water after every day of training, and dry them with a mop or soft brush to keep the EVA tiles clean.

9. It is best to disassemble the floor mat regularly for cleaning once a year. When cleaning, it can be washed with washing powder, and then completely air-dried before laying.

Ⅱ. Precautions for purchasing EVA tiles

EVA tiles are different from general felt floor mats, cotton floor mats, etc. It can not only be used for decoration, but its main function is to increase friction and protect the human body from injury.

We all know that the materials used in EVA tiles are very strict, and only healthy and harmless floor mats can be used with confidence. What do we have to know about the purchase knowledge of EVA tiles?

Color selection of EVA tiles

Most of the EVA tiles are colored, and some floor mats have patterns printed on them. However, when buying, it is best to wipe the floor mat with your hands back and forth several times to check whether the color will fall off. If there is any color residue, then buy with caution, because it means that the processing quality of the EVA tiles is not up to standard. Qualified EVA floor mats will not fade.

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