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Foam Playmat

EVA Foam Playmat Tiles

Here at iFoaming, U could get all the foam puzzle mats styles U want. Because we have large amounts foam mats for sale. We are a manufacturer producing kids' colorful foam mats, gym exercise mats, custom printed foam mats, and outdoor use foam mats. Our foam mats price is very affordable and the foam mats have good quality. All our playmat foam are made of non-toxic raw material, which is non-smell, bold colors, good density, most importantly safe for babies to use, which has passed EN71(1-3), REACH, ASTM F963-11 Standards, CPSIA, US California Proposition65, Formamide 200PPM, BPA, PAHs, etc. Our foam playmats are waterproof, shock resistant, easy to assemble, soft and durable, could be used for indoors, outdoors, home, garage, nursery, and schools, which provides babies a quite safe flooring to play. iFoaming is providing U the all the foam playmats U are needing for your market.

EVA Foam Playmats Wholesale Types

In ifoaming, we have a large number of foam mats for sale. Ifoaming's custom foam mats are not only in large quantities but also in various styles. EVA foam floor mats for home are custom foam floor mats printed with a variety of fashion prints. Its bright colors can enhance the beauty of the floor. Foam exercise mat is made of sustainable natural rubber, which is good for the body and the environment. It is an EVA foam playmat suitable for fitness. Foam floor tiles are widely used custom foam tiles, which are very suitable for all occasions.

Get tired of the normal plain style foam playmats in solid color? We are offering a wide range of stylish printing foam mats for your living room and bedroom, which would make your home flooring quite amazing.
EVA Foam Floor Mats For Home
These EVA flooring mats are lightweight and easy to assemble, which is perfect for garages and gyms.
Foam Exercise Mat
Colorful, versatile, and cushiony – soft foam tiles are incredibly popular flooring for everything from playrooms to home gyms, basements, and more.
Eva Foam Puzzle Floor Mats

Why Choose iFoaming Foam Mats Tiles for Sale


All our foam play matt are designed by moms for babies, we know what a baby needs for his/her playing on the eva mat foam in daily life.  At iFoaming, u will get the unique designs and would be exclusive seller in the market. We will provide foam Mat material for you. We are having a 5 designers-team discussing with u how to optimize the design from the market demand.


As we are foaming our mat material for longer seconds than the market standard, the chemical smell is getting better dissipated than others. Our eva mat material is in better performance in smell, which is non smell. Also, the foam mat texture is better protected, which is quite smooth. Our eva mats for sale are safer than others. This gives babies and kids a quiet sound, soft and safe flooring.


All our foam playmats have passed the highest standard for both EU & US Safety Requirements. We have EN71(1-3), REACH, ASTM F963-11 Standards, CPSIA, US California Proposition65, Formamide 200PPM, BPA, PAHs.


The Eva Foam Play Mat could be designed and cut into different shapes as customer's OEM requirement. Also, we are making all our foam playmats at shinny and bold colors, instead of faded colors. Usally, we could control the Final foam mat color similarity at 90%-95%  to Panton Number.


Firstly we are using the non toxic, high grade and premium material to make our foam mats. Secondly, we are heating our foam mat raw material in our machine at 210s for each production run, which is 20s-30s more than others, this would allow our raw material better foamed in the machine, finally makes the finished foam mat in quite good density and firm. This will give our customer a quite different feeling when using the mat no matter for gym room or home flooring.

Rug Vs Foam Play Mat

Babies are very lively. They are always energetic. Therefore, it is very important to provide them with a safe and interesting entertainment environment. Rug and foam play mat has become a difficult choice for many people. Rug is soft and it's cheap. But it is easy to get dirty, which requires frequent cleaning. Rug is troublesome to clean up because of its large size, which can easily lead to bacterial breeding. Foam play mat is much more convenient to use. Because most of the custom foam play mat can be disassembled, it is much easier to clean. The EVA foam mat can provide a comfortable and safe space for your baby. And it can avoid dirt falling on the floor, which also reduces the trouble of cleaning. For customers, foam play mat is more convenient to use than rug.

Custom EVA Playmat Foam Tiles FAQs

  • Are Eva Foam Mats Safe?

    EVA foam mats is very safe. Its purpose is to provide people with a comfortable and safe environment. Its raw materials are environmentally friendly and harmless EVA foam. It is soft and can slow down physical impact. Therefore, he also has a protective effect on human body. Since many EVA foam play mat can be disassembled, it is easy to carry. EVA play mats can be used anywhere, convenient and safe.

  • Are Foam Play Mats Recyclable?

    EVA playmat can be recycled. The materials used in ifoaming's play mat foam tiles are harmless and environmentally friendly. Therefore, when playmat foam tiles cannot be used, remember to classify them into recyclable waste.

  • How To Clean Eva Foam Mats?

    Now many people like to use foam floor play mat to do some sports, but the cleaning of EVA playmat has become a difficult problem. To clean foam mat tiles, shake off the dust on the floor mat.

    Use high water pressure water pipe for flushing, preferably with water temperature below 40 ℃.

    Properly use some neutral cleaners, do not use acid-base cleaners, because it will accelerate the aging of the foam play mat. During cleaning, ensure that the residual detergent has been washed clean, and dry it in time after cleaning, which can be sterilized.

    Remember to wash regularly to avoid breeding

  • How To Keep Foam Mats From Sliding?

    Although the foam playmat tiles can bring a lot of convenience, if the foam playmat is very slippery, it will be very troublesome. The main reason is that some foam tiles suffer very little friction. Therefore, you can increase the friction of playmat foam tiles on the ground to prevent skidding. The best way is to sprinkle an appropriate amount of starch on the ground, and then put EVA foam Matt on the starch. This can increase the friction, so that EVA playmats do not slide. When selecting EVA play mat, it is best to select EVA foam tiles with rough surface. In this way, the friction can be increased, so as to have the effect of anti-skid.


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