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EVA Foam Floor Mats For Home

EVA Foam Floor Mats For Home

Get tired of the normal plain style foam playmats in solid color? We are offering a wide range of stylish printing eva foam interlocking floor mats for your living room and bedroom, which would make your home foam jigsaw flooring quite amazing. U could get unique wooden grain foam tiles, boho playmats, Moroccan style playmats, star play mat, etc, which enhances the beauty of your flooring. Choose one from a variety of our designs such as terrazzo playmat, assemble 6 or 9pcs of interlocking foam puzzle mat into your dreamed bedroom or living room flooring. We understand how easy your little one would mess up the foam tiles, so we make our stylish printing foam tiles with easy cleanup and careness. Laying on a stylish, unique, soft and cosy play area would release your stress and provide u more fun and hapiness while interacting with your little one.

EVA Foam Stylish Foam Playmats

Grey EVA Foam Mat That Look Like Rugs
Grey EVA Foam Mat That Look Like Rugs
You couldn't believe how much these interlocking foam floor baby mats look just like a rug. They come in a variety of colors and patterns,making it incredibly easy to blend seamlessly into any home decor.
Colored Soft EVA Foam Mat
Colored Soft EVA Foam Mat
Our colourful kid's floor mats brings happiness into your little one's bedroom, allows your children to jump and dance as they like. This versatile interlocking foam puzzle mat is extremely thick and soft.
Wooden Grain Interlocking EVA Foam Tile
Wooden Grain Interlocking EVA Foam Tile
Wood grain floor mat provides a comfort and cushion to hard floor surfaces with classic wooden grain finish,which is a great option for kids, senior living, or anyone seeking cushioned padding with the realistic look of hardwood floors.
Grey And White Star Waterproof EVA Foam Playmat
Grey And White Star Waterproof EVA Foam Playmat
This amazing foam connecting mats for babies is the perfect accessory designed to offer your baby maximum comfort in his or her expeditions within the house!
Black And White Cross High Density EVA Foam Mat
Black And White Cross High Density EVA Foam Mat
Stylish design made of premium white foam with black cross, which is perfectly designed for you and your home.Not only for your baby to crawl and tumble, but also for your home decor with its modern design.
Children's Outer Space EVA Foam Playmat
Children's Outer Space EVA Foam Playmat
The space beige baby eva interlocking mats/tiles, with its stylish and subtle coloring, gives playroom a modern and distinctive look. This interlocking mats are perfect for creating fun space themed nursery and playrooms.
Arrow Stylish EVA Foam Mat
Arrow Stylish EVA Foam Mat
This stunning arrow-themed baby foam interlocking floor mats will create a sanctuary in any room. Our luxury baby foam floor pads interlocking are suitable for both newborns and toddlers, in fact they're suitable for any ages.
Bear Non-toxic EVA Foam Playmat
Bear Non-toxic EVA Foam Playmat
This foam interlocking mats come with a grey background and multicolor bears, which provides a fun, safe environment for your little one. It's our mission to provide top-quality foam interlocking tiles that make your baby happy.
Multi Purpose EVA Foam Carpet Playmat
Multi Purpose EVA Foam Carpet Playmat
This kind of interlocking play mat doesn't make your home look like a preschool. So many tummy time interlocking play mat tiles, baby gym cushions, and children's rugs have bright primary colours and don't match your home.
Triangle Printed EVA Foam Mat
Triangle Printed EVA Foam Mat
The luxury triangle foam interlocking flooring set in white is designed to complement the modern home’s style and aesthetic. Not only does our interlocking padded floor tiles provide a safe place for your baby to crawl and tumble, but it elevates your nursery, playroom, or living room with beautiful modern designs.
Rainbow EVA Foam Playmat
Rainbow EVA Foam Playmat
Since you have children, it doesn't mean your living space needs to look like a daycare service. Foaming is putting a modern design on your baby foam jigsaw playmat, with an innovative design that complements any aesthetically designed family home.
Pink Swan Puzzle EVA Foam Playmat
Pink Swan Puzzle EVA Foam Playmat
This swan interlocking puzzle mat is perfect for swan themed playrooms and nurseries with pink and light pink color. These two shades of dark pink and light pink create a fun color palette that is ideal for a girl's room.
EVA Terrazzo Playmat
EVA Terrazzo Playmat
For creating this design, we're inspired by traditional European terrazzo that marble workers pressed bits of lefeover marble into the clay floors of their terraces, which is gorgeous, colorful and also durable.
Boho EVA Foam Playmat
Boho EVA Foam Playmat
Our Boho Babe plays mat is full of life and fun. The grey and white pattern blends beautifully with colorful furniture or pops in a room with a minimalist palette, providing a safe and amazing play area for your baby or toddler.
Circle Pattern EVA Foam Playmat
Circle Pattern EVA Foam Playmat
Our circle interlocking pads set with white and grey background brings all the latest color trends, which is far more a foam interlocking mats but a home décor too. It is quite good for your baby's tummy time, rolling and crawling, also for your relaxing.
Dot Jigsaw EVA Foam Playmat
Dot Jigsaw EVA Foam Playmat
From story time to tummy time, the polka dots grey foam mat floor tiles interlocking is the perfect foam tiles to provide your little one's comfort and safety when your little one explores the world around them.
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Frequently Asked Questions of Floor Mats for Home

  • What are tiles made from?

    All of our EVA foam play mats are made from high-quality, high-density, closed-cell EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) foam with added PE (polyethylene) for flexibility and longevity. And they do not contain plasticizers like BPA or phthalates, and have been tested to be formamide free.

  • Can the mats be used outdoors?

    For the normal foam tiles, which can be used outside temporarily. But for the stylish printing playmats, we do not recommend to be used outdoors. Long time sun exposure may cause the designs to fade and film peeing off. Also we do not suggest using it in quite wet temp, as this kind of mat is laminating the EVA foam with a film by glue.

  • Does the printing mat color faded off after longtime use?

    No, our mats are printed on a film first and them glued on the mats, which is called Film Gluing Transfer Printing Tech. The printed color would last for quite long years. But it is not suggested to be long sun exposure.

  • Can u do OEM service?

    Yes, one of our biggest advantage is providing OEM service for our customers. U just need to provide us your AI file, we will make the samples accordingly, it usually takes 3-7days. The sample fee depends on the structure and requirements on the designs, but it would usually be refundable once order placed.

  • How do u make a sample with my OEM design?

    For the stylish printing foam playmats, the mold fee is usually quite high, from 2,000usd - 5,000usd for just single design. So will have the following way to save cost for u: 

    1. we print the design on digital color paper with your file for your approval, which is NO fee needed;

    2. some customer wants the printing design on the foam tile instead of a paper, then we could also print the design on our foam tile, which is with 80% similarity on colors. This usually with a fee from 200usd - 400usd.

    3. make the filan printing mold for the re-check of the mass production, but this needs to pay the final printing mold cost for mass production.

How To Care For Ifoaming Floor Mats for Home?

  • Made by Film Lamination tech, all our stylish printing eva interlocking foam mats are quite smooth on the surface, which is perfect for your little one's skin; Also, jigsaw foam floor mats are stain resistant, all the dirty ones or stains is quite easy to clean by warm water or soap.

  • As this is an indoor interlocking foam play mat, which is laminating the foam material with a film by glue. So, please keep it away from direct sun exposure or water:

  • DO NOT use it outdoor: the high temprature and longtime of sun exposure would make the glue lose its effect, the film would peel off gradually.

  • DO NOT use vaccum on the eva foam playmat. The vaccum's heat brush would damage the stylish jigsaw puzzle foam playmat's film on the surface, the film would peel off under heat temp.

  • DO NOT clean the stylish playmats by any other substance or product but warm water, mild soap and a damp sponge or cloth.

  • DO NOT put heavy stuff like furniture, equipments or anything sharp like high heels, pet claws on  foam jigsaw mats, as it would put a permanent improssion on it.

  • DO NOT use the eva interlocking foam mats in wet environments or with water. This mat could not be used in wet areas. The surface of the mat may be slippery too when your feet are wet. While our mats are mildew resistant, moisture or liquid that becomes trapped under your mat may cause staining or mildew to develop.


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