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How to Judge Whether a Baby Crawling Mat is Good or Not?

With the progress and development of society and the change of consumption concept, more and more families will prepare a crawling mat for the baby when the baby starts to learn to crawl, so as to prevent the baby from falling and bruising.

In crawling, the baby can not only improve physical activity, enhance physical fitness, but also promote character development and brain development, expand the baby's cognition, and cultivate the baby's interest in exploring, which is really a lot of benefits.

However, the mixed baby foam crawling mats on the market have caused many parents a headache. Many parents must have had such an experience. After carefully selecting them for a long time, a peculiar smell came to the home as soon as they were unpacked.

I dared to use it for the baby after being exposed to the sun for a long time. When using it, the baby's hands were messed up, and even some crawling mats were not very good in anti-skid performance. Let alone the baby, adults may fall when they step on it.

Ⅰ. How to judge the quality of baby foam crawling mat?

1. Vision: The pattern should be clear and comfortable, the color should be soft, and the pattern printed on the surface must not fade. When purchasing, use a white paper towel to rub on the crawling pad to observe whether the color fades;

2. Smell: If there is a strong plastic odor, it is generally because the material is not good enough. Don't listen to the excuse of the store that it is good to get it outdoors to disperse the smell;

3. Touch: including the thickness, feel and material of the foam crawling pad

①Thickness: The crawling pad is not about how thick it is, but about having good resilience, so that it has enough elasticity to protect the baby;

②Hand feel: It should be smooth to the touch, but not too slippery or rough. You can press the crawling mat with your hands when purchasing, and a good-quality crawling mat will quickly recover when you press it with your hand.

Poor-quality baby foam crawling mats take a little time to recover or can't be flattened at all.

③Material: On the basis of environmental protection, waterproof and flame retardant are two very important indicators. The foam crawling pad made of EVA is a very good choice. This material is generally used for splicing.

Seeing this, some parents may feel that they understand a little bit, but if you buy online, you can only know whether the product is good or not by opening the package. If the quality is not good, you have to return it, which is too troublesome.

So is there a crawling mat that you can buy with confidence without thinking too much? Of course there is, that is IFOAMING crawling mat. Next, IFOAMING will introduce the benefits of IFOAMING crawling mat.

Ⅱ. What are the benefits of IFOAMING foam crawling mat?

1. Good anti-skid performance

Presumably many old mothers have had such an experience, holding the baby's favorite things in their hands and calling the baby to crawl over from a distance, the baby grins and crawls towards you, and sometimes crawls too fast and can't stop the car and falls directly. Instead, the smile on his face turned into a face of tears.

In order to avoid this from happening, the surface of the IFOAMING foam crawling mat is specially designed with a non-slip texture to enhance the surface friction and high resilience, so that the baby can crawl on it happily.

2. Rest assured when cleaning

Don't worry about health and non-slip, but what makes it difficult for parents is that it is too difficult to clean the climbing pad. Some naughty babies also like to throw things everywhere, which is very inconvenient to clean.

The outside of IFOAMING crawling pad is made of EVA material, which does not contain enhancers, is non-toxic and tasteless. IFOAMING foam crawling pad also has good cold resistance and oil resistance, shock absorption performance, wear resistance, waterproof and anti-fouling, and it will be dry after wiping.

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