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Are Your Playmats Suitable For 0+ Age?

There are lots of customers would ask us in the beginning."Your playmats are suitable for 0+age"?

Today we would share with you our answer.

Yes, our baby playmats are suitable for 0+ age.

There are two ages grading for the foam mats. One is 3-(normally 10M+ we call) and the other is 3+.

We need to use 90N torque and tension for testing for both ages according to the EN71-1 mechanical and physical properties rules. However, the difference is the small parts couldn’t appear after the 90N tension test based on 3- age.

The toy playmat must be passed under 36 months' requirements.

And our current testing report of EN71(1-3), which is applied for the 10M+ age group. So our playmats are safe and suitable for your little one.

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