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The Function and Selection of EVA Tiles

Ⅰ. EVA tiles can be put indoors to serve as fitness exercise mats

1. Before using the EVA tiles, please take apart the package and place the EVA tiles in the ventilated place for a while to fully dispel the faint smell (plastic smell) of the EVA tiles.

2. After assembling EVA tiles, you can make any creative combination (4 sides of EVA tiles can be connected, and the laying is simple and smooth).

3. Children under 3-year old should use EVA tiles accompanied by adults.

4. If you need to clean the EVA tiles, please wipe the EVA tiles with a wet towel.

Ⅱ. The use of EVA tile products

1. EVA tiles have a wide range of uses. EVA tiles can be used not only as children's toys, but also as decorations. EVA tiles are non-toxic and tasteless, and can be used without washing and drying, so it is especially safe.

2. Prevent the baby from falling while playing on the EVA tiles. The EVA tiles can also be used as exercise mat tiles, which is convenient for storage.

3. When EVA tiles are laid on the ground, people do not feel cold on the ground. EVA tiles can be used as carpets, and EVA tiles can be temporarily uses as beds to sleep.

Ⅲ. The function of EVA foam non slip mat

EVA foam non slip mat is made of new materials and has a wide range of applications. EVA foam non slip mat has the following functions.

1. When the EVA foam non slip mat is placed on the automobile dashboard, this kind of EVA foam mats have no stickiness, no reflection, no damage to the dashboard, and has super adhesion. Anything such as mobile phones, cigarettes, pens, coins, glasses, etc., will not slip off even if you slam on the brakes or shake strongly.

2. EVA foam non slip mat is both soft and elastic, and the anti-skid effect is better.

3. It can be washed directly with water to remove the dust and can be used repeatedly.

4. It is a green environmental protection product, which can generally pass the SGS test. It is the best promotional gift for promoting companies and products, and is widely used in automotive supplies, promotional gifts, advertising and other industries.

Ⅳ. Selection of high-quality EVA foam non slip mat

How should a new mother choose safe EVA tiles for her baby?

1. Excellent weather resistance. Do not change color and deform in case of ultraviolet light.

2. Excellent chemical resistance, stable to acids and bases, no toxic gases.

3. Excellent thermal insulation performance, because the EVA tile has an independent fine stomatal structure.

4. Excellent low temperature characteristics.

5. Excellent water resistance and compression performance, no water absorption at all.

6. Excellent flame retardant and non-flammable properties.

7. Excellent buffering, soft and tough.

8. The construction and processing are simple and convenient.

9. EVA tiles are colorful, convenient for users to choose, and conducive to beautifying the environment.

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