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Introduction to EVA Foam Mats

Ⅰ. What are EVA foam mats?

EVA foam mats are often used in many households and can be said to be a common household item. Its common products are foam floor mats, foam mattresses, foam seat cushions, and so on.

EVA foam mats are made of PE material using advanced chemical technology. The EVA foam mat itself has the characteristics of high toughness, environmental protection, heat preservation, soft texture, etc. It is not only suitable for children's places, but also family use.

The product has passed the international quality standard system certification and the environmental protection certification of the environmental protection organization. It is an environmentally friendly, economical and safe alternative to the existing children's floor mat products.

Ⅱ. What are EVA foam mats?

Foam floor mats refer to EVA foam mats used on the ground, because they are called foam floor mats, and their surface is made of colored matt hemp surface lamination. Most of the manufacturers in the middle use PE cotton, double layer, Moisture-proof and heat-insulating. EVA foam floor mats are more suitable for baby crawling.

Ⅲ. Characteristics of EVA foam tiles

1. Made of high-quality PE material, light and soft, it can effectively protect the face, knees, and brain from bumps and bruises when the baby is crawling and playing.

2. It has the characteristics of high toughness, warmth, bending resistance and wear resistance, and is non-toxic, odorless, environmentally friendly and harmless to the human body.

3. The colors and patterns are various, the space for consumers to choose is large, and the EVA foam tiles are easy to use, saving a lot of time and manpower.

The foam cushion is a kind of cushion that can be used for people to sit and stand. It is soft, comfortable, and has good folding performance. People can sleep on it. Its main features are odorless, non-toxic, soft, high toughness, warm and durable. Features of grinding;

And the seat cushion can be used in any place, and it can be used without too much finishing and spreading. Products with various patterns and rich colors are available.

Ⅳ. The characteristics of EVA foam floor mat

1. Biodegradable: No harm to the environment when discarded or burned. EVA material can be used in the electronics, hardware and toy industries.

2. Similar in price to PVC: EVA is more expensive than toxic PVC, but cheaper than phthalate-free PVC.

3. Lighter weight: The density of EVA foam tiles ranges from 0.91 to 0.93, while that of PVC is 1.32.

4. No odor: EVA does not contain ammonia or other organic odors.

5. Does not contain heavy metals: in line with the relevant international toy regulations (EN-71 Part 3 and ASTM-F963).

6. No phthalates: suitable for children's toys and will not cause the release of plasticizers.

7. High transparency, softness and toughness: EVA foam floor mats have a wide range of applications.

8. Super low-temperature resistance (-70C): suitable for the freezing environment.

9. Resistant to water, salt and other substances: it can remain stable under the application of large quantities.

10. High thermal adhesion: can be firmly attached to nylon, polyester, canvas and other fabrics.

11. Low bonding temperature: It can speed up the production speed of EVA foam floor mats.

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