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What Are the New Ways to Play the Foam Puzzle Tiles?

Almost every home with a baby has a foam puzzle floor mat, which is used for the baby to crawl and play. It acts as a buffer in the early stage of walking to prevent the baby from falling and hurts. It can also isolate the floor to prevent the baby from getting cold when playing on the floor.

After the baby grows up, the role of this aspect becomes smaller and smaller, but don't be in a hurry to put them away, we can also develop a lot of fresh and interesting ways to play!

1. Foam puzzle tiles can be joined together to form a long runway

If you have space at home, you can put the foam puzzle tiles together into a track. After the child can run, take the child to run on the foam puzzle mat track.

Children will also develop new ways to play by themselves, such as rabbit jumping, frog jumping, running with a ball, and running on the foam floor track with their own car.

2. Foam puzzle tiles can be assembled by color to form a "hopscotch"

Hopscotch is a game with many childhood memories. We teach children together. In parent-child sports, they also help babies practice foot coordination. When to hop on one foot, when to hop with feet apart, and stand on one foot It also trains the child's balance ability.

3. The foam puzzle floor mat can be assembled into a large drawing board

Often because of the limited space at home, children cannot paint and draw to their fullest, or because the walls are decorated with wallpaper, it is inconvenient for children to doodle.

Then use the foam puzzle mat to form a large graffiti board, which can be erected against the wall, or you can put the foam puzzle mat on the ground and let the child draw on his stomach.

The foam puzzle floor mat is also easy to clean. It is a new drawing board when you wash and dry it at any time, and the cost is low, so parents don't have to worry about it.

4. The foam puzzle floor mat can build high jumping sheep

According to the child's height and ability, stack it to a suitable height, teach the child to play with the sheep, and lay a foam mat around it.

As the child's grades get better and better, you can continue to increase the foam puzzle floor mat, so that the child has a sense of achievement in constant challenges and conquests.

5. The foam puzzle floor mat can be spliced into a ball frame

When a child plays football at home, set a goal for him, and play in this stable and strong enough ball frame, maybe he will be the next "golden right foot", this ball frame can be spliced and dismantled at any time. It can be removed and stored at any time without taking up any space.

6. Foam puzzle mats can be used as puzzles and building blocks

Some types of foam puzzle tiles have various animals, numbers, letters, etc. embedded in the middle, which can also be taught to the baby to recognize. The baby can also use this to do puzzles to exercise the matching ability and the flexibility of the fingers.

After the production of the ball frame, the baby will also have his own creativity. He can use the foam puzzle floor mat to assemble a small house, dollhouse, etc. with the parents.

iFoaming provides various eva foam puzzle floor mats, custom service is available. Welcome to contact us for any needs.

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