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Do You Consider the Anti-skid Problems of the Floor When Operating a Natatorium?

As the name suggests, the main function of anti-slip mats is to prevent slippage. IFOAMING's anti-slip mats are easy to install, good drainage, easy to clean, resistant to high temperature and wear, and tough, durable, long service life, generally 3-10 years. IFOAMING's anti-slip mats can effectively prevent accidents caused by slippery floors.

Ⅰ. Characteristics of the anti slip foam mat

1. Modular spliced mats are mainly used around bathrooms and swimming pools, with hydrophobic and anti-slip effect, comfortable to step on. This kind of foam tiles under pool can be combined in any way, easy to install.

2. The product uses a special formula of soft EVA material, with acid and alkali resistance, anti-UV, non-fading characteristics, and has the advantages of high temperature resistance, cold resistance, etc..

3. The anti slip foam mat adopts professional hydrophobic through-bottom design, can quickly and effectively remove water, so that the ground does not accumulate water, safe, non-slip at the same time to keep the ground dry and clean.

4. The product is designed with special riveted fasteners and equipped with unique super strong anti-pull ring, easy to disassemble and clean and install and lay. Anti-slip mats are suitable for swimming pools, bathrooms and other areas with slippery floors.

Ⅱ. The applications of the anti slip foam mat

Anti-slip mats are mainly used in all kinds of swimming pools, baths, spas, water parks, locker rooms, public bathrooms, kindergartens, nursing homes, gyms, and other places with water. Anti-slip mats can be laid on the ground, but also can be installed in the bottom of all kinds of baths and pools, more decorative effect.

With the development of the times, people are more and more concerned about the health of the body. The problem of anti-slip is the second biggest risk hazard in addition to the hidden danger of traffic accidents, but also need people to pay attention to. From all kinds of swimming pools, baths, hot springs, and water parks to small places where water is prone to wading, such as our bathrooms and toilets, slip and fall accidents may occur. The use of non-slip mats can effectively prevent slip and improve safety.

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