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Three Ways to Use Foam Tiles

Almost every family with children will have a game mat of a certain thickness. In fact, in addition to keeping warm and cold, the game mat can also develop a lot of games. Compared with a whole game mat, the foam puzzle mat is more fun.

1. The foam jigsaw puzzle tile playmat itself is a huge puzzle

When the bear child has nothing to do at home and is about to lose his temper, throw him a pile of scattered puzzle floor mats, and the child will play happily for a long time.

2. Foam jigsaw puzzle tile playmats can be played at home

Insert flat or stick small toys into the gaps of the foam jigsaw puzzle floor mats and turn them into "mini supermarket", "mini living room" and other scenes, and let children bring small dolls to play "play house" games.

If there are small pieces of paper in the shape of buildings at home, you can also play with this method, turning two-dimensional toys into three-dimensional space, and children will better understand and play.

3. Storytelling with foam puzzle tile playmat

Use the colors of the foam jigsaw puzzle floor mat and toy inserts to build the scene of the story and tell the story while playing with the dolls with your child.

For example, put together a few green foam jigsaw puzzle mat, connect yellow foam tiles next to them, and insert small flags on them to form a "forest" scene, and use the foam mats to tell the children about "the big bad wolf and the The story of Little Red Riding Hood.

4. The foam jigsaw puzzle tile playmat can play the game of pulling cards

The games described above can only be played by young children or older children. Children under the age of 1 can't walk, can't jump, let alone sit down and listen to their parents' stories, can't they play?

Don't be discouraged, insert the card into the gap of the foam jigsaw puzzle tile playmat and let the baby pull out the card as much as possible. This trick is very useful for the little baby and has been tried and tested, but the mother has to work harder.

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