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Is There a Difference in Sound Insulation Between a Crawling Mat and a Yoga TPE Mat?

In today's life, whether it is for taking a baby or exercising, the demand for mats is still very large. Now most families have two kinds of mats: crawling mats and yoga TPE mats, but there are definitely differences between the two.

Many mothers expressed that they were worried that the sound insulation effect of the crawling mat at home was not good enough to disturb others.

1. Is the sound insulation effect of a foam crawling mat and a yoga TPE mat the same?

The materials of yoga TPE mat is generally divided into TPE foam, PVC foam, EVA, latex mat, CBR mat, etc. Due to some unique properties of the product, such as softness and strong resilience, it can effectively block the cold on the ground.

Consumers will also use it as a field camping mat and a children's play mat. The yoga TPE mat is in direct contact with the skin during use, and there is a risk of infants and young children licking and biting when using it as a children's play mat.

The crawling mat is an auxiliary product for baby crawling. The materials mainly include xpe material, pvc material, epe material and EVA material. The baby crawling mat originated in Japan and South Korea, and tends to mature in the Japanese and Korean markets. degree is also gradually forming.

Generally speaking, the sound insulation effect of the two is still the same, and there is no big difference. Therefore, when choosing a crawling mat and a yoga TPE mat, there is no need to consider the sound insulation effect.

Because these two are the same, you can choose the most suitable one considering the material, price and safety of the foam crawling mat and yoga TPE mat.

2. Can adults go on the foam crawling mat?

Regarding the question of whether adults should go up the baby's foam crawling mat, I have seen many mothers discussing it. Some mothers think that the foam crawling mat is not allowed to go up except for the baby himself, because there will be bacterial infection.

Some mothers also think that they can go up. After all, they can better communicate and play with their babies. So can adults go up on the foam crawling mat?

Adults can go on the foam crawling mat, but pay attention to the usual hygiene care. Playing with the baby on the baby's foam crawling mat can promote the relationship between the baby and the adult, which is very beneficial to the baby's development.

It is best for adults to wear socks and not go barefoot on the foam crawling mat. Another point is that the foam crawling mat should be cleaned and disinfected frequently to inhibit the growth of bacteria.

The baby is not as fragile as imagined, and the baby must be exposed to more things. In fact, as long as the foam crawling mat is used reasonably and correctly, it will not harm the baby.

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